Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Auckland - Top Ten Lonely Planet List of Cities to Visit

Whats not to love?

I appreciate that I live here so I am a little biased, but don't forget I lived most of my life down in the South Island, so I know a great place to live when I am living in one!

If you have not been here - then I would say you should put it on your bucket list.  Last Summer we played tour guides to 3 different groups who came to stay with us from the South Island.  All left 'gobsmacked' at the wonder and beauty that is Auckland.

Great places to eat - from the cheap and cheerful to the more expensive wine and dine, there is something fabulous for everyone.  As for beaches - some of the best are to be found here, along with national parks and marine reserves.  The harbour is a highlight and if you are into water sports of any kind you can not get much better - it is a marine paradise.  There are lots of fabulous attractions, things to see and markets to explore.

Don't forget the beaches!! You could say we are spoilt for choice in this regard!

Overall - Auckland is a wonderful place - but don't take my - or the world famous Lonely Planets word for it - come and see it for yourself. 

Auckland Harbour Bridge 

A great video link that has some kiwi personalities from Auckland explaining why it is such a fabulous city!!  Video News Link  

Read more about this from the Herald   Auckland TOP 10 Article 

Just so I can show I do know what I am talking about, here are a few photos of Auckland in all her beauty.

From the window of the little lighthouse
overlooking the harbour entrance 
From Chelsea Sugar Factory - a cute little
bay to explore


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