Monday, October 21, 2013

Education - Its the Little Things that Bring You Back Each Day

What brings you back to work each day?

What inspires you to make a difference and advocate for change that will make the world a better place?

Big questions.

Some days getting out of bed and going to work can feel like its a chore.  It can be easy to get bogged down in the work load, ill informed policy decisions and the ever increasing 'blame the teacher and school' game.

I challenge you not to get caught up in it.  Remember what bought you into education and hold that tight.

We are lucky.  

Where else do you get to have such fun while shaping the future?  Art, dance, drama, music, science, technology, sport, literacy, maths - and how you deliver it - for the most part - up to you!!  How very exciting is that?

Where else can you speak in funny voices, read out loud fabulous stories, get excited about things and inspire someone to be the best they can be?

Where else can you really make a difference, and sometimes not even realise just how big that difference is?

Where else can you get a handful of squashed weeds as a gift, and know its more precious than a dozen rare roses, to say thank you = you are awesome?

Where else would you get a crumpled note saying 'you are the best' and know that they are the most heartfelt words that come from a place of spontaneity and truth?

Being a teacher is such a privilege.  Leading teachers is a privilege.

Don't lose sight of those little things that bring you back each day - and know - you may not feel it to be the truth somedays, but you are appreciated and what you do makes a difference!!

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