Thursday, October 17, 2013

GPS Tracking - We Will Find You!!

GPS tracking - strange topic for discussion one might think.  Not usually something that spins my wheels if I am completely honest - interesting in its own right I am sure - but not an area of interest or passion for me personally.  Then I saw something that took my fancy.   It appealed to the whole 007, Trekkie side of me.    (I admit - I am a Sci Fi fan and I love gadgets - mix the two and I am one happy camper)

I am fascinated with technological advancements.  How far our world has come in just a few short years.  Much that used to live in the Science Fiction zone is now very much day to day realities of life.   My phone can do more as one single device than anything I would have imagined as a teenager. 

This brings me to the GPS device.  I know you can track your phone, your car and pretty much use GPS for many things.  (I would talk about the GPS device we use in the car but considering how we have a distinct love hate relationship and its whole purpose in life is to frustrate mine I think we will side step that)

BUT - why would this particular topic get my attention?

Let me introduce you to the RETRIEVOR - Self-charging GPS Tracking and Retrieving device.
Retrievor GPS device information page   It is like something out of a Science Fiction movie.  (well - perhaps not but I had not realised that it was the kind of tech that the average Joe or Joess Blogs could access)
It's quite nifty.  It took my attention because its;
  • small (the size of a coin and apparently no taller than a few coins stacked on each other) 
  • Self Charging (powered by small solar panels that can be set to a lower power setting)
  • Has a micro usb port to charge it (even that sounds nifty - we girls do love things in miniature - its the cute factor)
  • It can be controlled by mac, android and on the web
  • It can be programmed to set up a virtual boundary and if the thing or person the device is attached to leaves that 'boundary' then it will alert you (could have all kinds of interesting uses.... cue James Bond sequence or Mission Impossible music...)
  • It appears reasonably priced BUT this might be due to the crowdfunded project concept and I am sufficiently intrigued enough to research that out a bit more  (what is crowd funding)

The RETRIEVOR GPS device - looks like something out of Star Trek
Now if we could just get a holo suite up and running - I might never find the need to leave home!!  (that would eliminate the need for GPS tracking too - so a double bonus) 

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