Saturday, October 19, 2013


Oh you are a thing of wonder!!

I love my ipad mini.  Initially I was sceptical.  I did not find copying over from my Ipad to be an easy process and from the start I worried, wondered and fretted on a number of levels - but thats another story and eventually I had it sorted.

So, what did I worry and fret about?
  • Would it be too small? 
  • Would I find the keyboard cumbersome and need glasses to read it
  • What about the key board?  I LOVED my logitech Solar keyboard on my iPad - would I struggle with the mini?  
  • Was it just too small to be useful?

Wonders and worries abounded.

I needn't have bothered.  While they were all valid at the time, they were proven to be true of the old adage - 'worrying solves nothing'.

  • It wasnt too small at all.  In fact, my ipad mini is perfect.  It slips into my handbag and it practically goes everywhere with me - much like my iphone!!  The size is its advantage.  
  • I did find the keyboard small and at first it was a bit disconcerting, BUT, we use a cell phone daily so the size of the keyboard is really irrelevant really.  I think most of the concerns live in my head!
  • Initially the lack of a portfolio cover with a built in keyboard was an issue.  At the time of purchase I did buy an overpriced logitech keyboard for it BUT, I also had a lovely new purple case.  The case is divine.  I didn't want to use the keyboard (because its not a real cover) - it wasn't nearly as pretty as the cover (don't judge - Its a girly thing).  So it sat in its box for a few weeks.  Then the universe pointed something out to me.   I needed to go to the local store for a stylus, and when I was there I found it.  The logitec keyboard all in one portfolio cover.  In pretty blue (purple would be better but I will survive).    It is AWESOME!  Such a responsive and light keyboard.  Its a shame its not solar but meh, I will get over it.  
  • Too small to be useful - silly me.  Its better smaller - because its more portable, and its easier to take photos.  For something so small it really is quite a 'grunty' bit of tech.  
So, my advice - go for a mini.  It is awesome.  Its easy to use in classrooms during walkthroughs and observations and it was perfect for reading a Eulogy I did at a funeral.  For a device to work on in the plane - perfect.  Its light, its small and its just awesome.   Watch this space as I go and dig deeper into its wonderful qualities!!

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