Monday, October 7, 2013

Kia Ora Fellow Bloggers and Blog Browsers

They say that a journey starts with a single step...taking this logic then a fresh faced blog must start with a single post.  And so, a blog was born!

Have you ever felt like you have some deranged hamster living in your brain, running flat tack on its little wheel, spinning so fast that you fear the smoke its creating is seeping out your ears?

No?  Just me?

My metaphoric hamster just happens to be the words, thoughts, phrases and creative word images that run riot through my mind on a regular basis.  Its about time they had a life of their own and a place to live - and I have been promising myself for sometime to stop talking about it and to just start doing!

So, welcome to my mutterings, my musings and my reflections on the world.  Feel free to read, digest, browse or comment.  Essentially its my way to scratch the itch of my thinking frustrations but you are most welcome to travel alongside.  After all - a journey shared is a journey all the more richer.

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