Monday, October 14, 2013

Rhianna Concert - The Good the Bad the Sparkly

Rhianna has just been in NZ doing a 3 day, whirl wind, concert schedule for her Diamonds World Tour.  We went.

I recall the absolute excitement when Techno Man (under the strictest of orders not to mess up getting tickets - after all - what is the beauty of working from home if you can't wile away much time on the internet seeking tickets hmmm) text me to say - WE HAVE TICKETS - but only two - Squirt would have to stay home.  Initially - Yay for us, then I felt sorry the child missed out.  The universe my friends works in mysterious ways - in hindsight - I am pleased she did not come with us.  More about that later.

We purchased those not so cheap tickets a forever ago.  Months and months had passed and if it wasn't for Techno Man checking them on the fridge door (where else would you leave them) before we left for Rotorua, we may have missed the concert.  For some bizarre reason I thought it was at the end of the month.  Whew for the eagle eyes of Techno Man.

So, we get ready for the concert.  Flash clothes on.  Check.  Babysitter nice and early.  Check.  Tickets. Check.

First stop, parking.  $25 dollars later for a park right next to the venue, which might seem over the top but to be honest - it was literally on top of Vector Arena.   Initially I was a bit cross - the sign says $7 for all day but we are charged $25 for an 'event'.  I mumble something about 'rip off anyone' - Techno Man gives me the 'stop moaning' look.  All good.

Pre Event Dinner

Now here is where we really scored big.  We had THE most amazing dinner before the concert.  We had headed off to a group of shops that housed the obligatory Maccas and K of F of C, but we didn't want that.

Then we found it - a little tucked away shop, decor a bit dated (a lot dated), and to be honest - one would think it could be a bit dodgy.  But heavenly smells were coming out from the door and it looked cheerful and welcoming.  An added bonus - it was a Thai and Indian mix.  Yes, thats right - it sold both.  We were sufficiently intrigued and hungry enough to investigate.  Check out their website here.
Spice Garden YUM

It was divine.   We had one of the best coffees I have had in a long time, and, we had the best butter chicken and thai green curry for AGES.  Dare I say, it is even better than Techno Mans butter chicken and it is really good.  Best of all - not very expensive and I thought it was good value.   All a bonus.

The Concert 

Now because we knew we had sit down allocated seats - we were not in any hurry to get to the concert.  We knew we wouldn't have to line up too much.  We were right.  

Pre Entertainment

It was good techno house music. Loud, and very (as my late father in law would say) 'boom boom boom and a rah rah rah'.  However, after one and half hours of it I was over it.  It became monotonous noise.  I was a bit deaf and we were communicating via text.  Did I mention it was loud?  Interesting aside - not that attractive those two 'famous' djs, yet here were all these girls fawning madly over them.  Go figure.  This was where I was pleased Squirt wasn't there - she would not have like it. 

Now - to the real nitty gritty.  

The Good

She made it!   The night before (we were concert 2) she was over 45 minutes late.  Anecdotal reports suggested she may have had a few too many 'lemonades'.  

She is beautiful!  I mean - really beautiful.  Not only does she look stunning - she just has a presence that is undeniable.  

She has an amazing and powerful voice.  (when she uses it) 

She - when on fire - was simply outstanding.  

All was forgiven and love returned when she sang all of the 'Stay' song.  It was amazing and if she had not sung that song - my favourite - I may have caused a scene.  (not really but you never know) 

The Bad

It is a good thing the audience knows her songs - because I felt that at times, she got sick of singing and let the audience take over.  Thats not cool and its not what I pay mega bucks for.  By all means we should sing along but I don't want to be the one doing all the work.  At least lip sync all the way through.  Sigh.  (this was mostly the middle set and I did wonder if 'lemonade' had something to do with it)

She liked to constantly gyrate and touch her pelvis, and do that wiggle thing.  I blame Myley Cyrus for being a bad influence.  In all seriousness though - she is a beautiful woman.  There is no need to prostrate herself - her talent is enough and it is undeniable.  This is where I was pleased to not have Squirt there.  She does not need that kind of role model.  (yes I am being old fashioned but frankly - it was over the top and mad me sad)

The people in front of us.  I had ungracious thoughts.  Mostly around - you are middle aged and drunk and making a fool of yourself love - sit down.  I know I cant control the actions of others - but sheese - a bit of self control in public is not that much to ask for surely.  

The Sparkly 

Her outfits were amazing.  And she changed them a lot so you got to see plenty of different sparkly outfits.  The light show was sparkly as well.  

So overall, it was a good concert.  I think what was the downside for Rhianna was that we had seen Coldplay and that was amazing!! 

Read about some of the reflections from Rihannas tour here.  Incidentally, I was a bit disappointed she called the media in NZ Nazi.  Over the top perhaps but not Nazi.  I guess that is more about her maturity than anything.

I was pretty impressed she had this done while she was here - to have it done traditionally would have been a bit on the painful side.  

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