Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tall Ships Festival - Auckland Harbour Excitement

Today we took a trip down to the Viaduct to have a look at the Tall Ships Festival.   WOW.

8 amazing ships, and over 600 sailors have descended into the Auckland Harbour, open for the public to have a look through.
They are here over the long Labour Weekend, having participated in the Sydney to Auckland Tall Ships regatta, which Auckland, for the first time, is hosting.

With Squirt busy for the day painting, it left us with a few hours to spend together.

Stunning Auckland weather, and a chance to wander around without Squirt asking 'how much longer' - how could we not go and see them?  Whats more, it was free, an added bonus.

We chose not to climb aboard any of the ships - not because we didn't want to - but more because the queues were long, the sun was hot and the time limited.  We were content to wander around and look from the outside.

It has been touted as a once in a lifetime event - a must see.  Some of these ships are over 100 years old, and as they sailed into our harbour, they were flanked by the Navy Frigate and two wakas.

The 'Cloud' was open as well, and had a variety of displays and interactive areas for busy children.

The 'Cloud'
One of the displays in the 'Cloud'

The Navy Frigate 'Wellington' was something we would have liked to have had a look around but unfortunately the quite was very very long and our time did not allow.   I was a bit disappointed - I had hoped it would be much bigger.  Oh well - maybe its a case of 'objects in the mirror appear bigger than they are' type of situation.  

One of my Favourite things was the little miniature Steam Boat - I had visions of 'steaming' my way across the Harbour.  However, when I say it is small - I do not exaggerate!!  It was high on the CUTE factor!!

Overall, I would give this event a 4.5 out of 5 - in that it was facinating to see the ships, the weather was condusive to wandering around the Viaduct and the weather was stunning.  Well worth the visit.

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