Thursday, November 14, 2013

Auckland Sunsets

Sunsets - Soothers of the Soul 

I love sunsets.  They are like the ice cream topping of the day.  This year Auckland has been resplendent in stunning sunsets.  

There is something about them that soothes a soul, especially after a hard day.  It is like an apology from the Universe for any grief the day may have bought, and a chance to stop and appreciate the beauty of the world we live in.  

Its been a long week which has had days where at times it has felt like several days have been attempting to squash into one.  I have not had time this week to stop and look at the beauty of each days sunsets.

So I have decided to post a collection of sunsets I have captured this year for all of us to stop, look at and to reflect upon.  Sometimes we are too busy to take the time to appreciate the beauty of the Universe.  I know I needed a reminder of the beauty and a soother for my soul.




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