Friday, November 8, 2013

Drug Selling Dairies

I am somewhat gobsmacked.

Several articles in todays news have me really questioning the sanity of some people.  The things people will do to make a buck just defy logic sometimes.

The Government passed a law that restricted the selling of psychoactive drugs, called the Psychoactive Substances Act.  The new Act made it illegal to sell 'herbal highs' in places like dairies, supermarkets and liquor outlets.  As a result, they needed to transform themselves into an R18 store and apply to the Ministry of Health for a license to sell the drugs.

As you can imagine, this was not popular with some dairy owners who were making quite a big profit from selling the 'herbal highs'.  According to all reports, dairies were raking in the money, and were less concerned about the harm to the people they were selling to and more interested in how easy the money was.  They were, in effect, legalised drug pedlars.

Todays 'hot off the press' news reveals dairies are resorting to the following methods in order to continue trading and creaming a profit off the community, exploiting the frailties of humanity.

1. Hiding it in the bottom of lolly packets.  To be honest, this is what has me gobsmacked.  Are they really that desperate to make a few bucks they will cheat the law by putting it into lolly packets.  While I appreciate the ingenuity of the concept, I despise the intent.

2. Home deliveries - some owners are packing up the delivery van and making home deliveries.  What do they say on the phone?  "Would you like a side order of mind altering drugs with your milk and bread?"

3. Others are setting up R18 stores in converted dairies in order to sell the drugs.  Im surprised that there isn't any money in milk and bread - have you had to buy either from a dairy lately?  Hardly a bargain.  

I wish I could say that I was surprised that dairy owners would resort to such tactics to side step the law in order to prey on young people seeking a 'high'.   Where are the moral compasses in these people?  Why do they not care about the communities they are fleecing?  How would they feel if one of their young family members got caught up in the harms of synthetic cannabis?  Some of the reports in the media have highlighted the dangers.  It is not pretty and it is devastating for families.  Shame on them.

Human nature saddens me sometimes.  The lack of empathy for others, merely because money making overrides ones moral fortitude, just astounds me.

dairies hide drugs in lolly packets


selling of synthetic highs banned

NB: A dairy is akin to a small corner store, and generally sells convenience items like bread and milk.

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