Sunday, November 17, 2013

Robbie Williams 'Go Gentle' - Welcome Back Mate!

I was trolling through i-Tunes, checking out new songs in the 'Songs to Watch' category (incidentally, I always find brilliant pieces of music here, much of which never seems to make it to mainstream raido waves so I highly recommend you checking it out regularly for new sounds).  Lo and behold, there was a new song by Robbie Williams.


Loved it.

Bought it.

Now, I loved it because it is a classic piece of Robbie 'swing'.  He really does excel at this type of music.  Its catchy, its upbeat and yet, at the same time, its melancholy.  I gave me that nice warm fuzzy feeling you get when you listen to great songs, and I could picture myself playing it loud in the car and singing along top throttle.  That is one of my yardsticks - if I can see myself playing it, singing it, and loving it for longer than a few minutes, I will purchase it.

So, have a listen, see what you think.   I for one, am grateful he has returned with something I like.  Welcome back mate!

"For all your days and nights
I'm gonna be there
I'm gonna be there yes I will
Go gentle through your life
If you want me I'll be there
When you need me I'll be there for you"

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