Saturday, November 16, 2013

Takapuna Beach

In Auckland we are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches.  There are so many wonderful beaches - from the rough and wild, surfer paradise, family friendly swimming and - rumour tells me - there many even be a nudie beach or two.

If you look closely you can see the Pohutakawa
starting to flower... A sign Christmas is coming 
Walking down to the beach - such a
stunning day 
Looking out to Rangitoto

There are over 100 beaches accessible from the Auckland CBD - and that does not count those that are a longer drive.  I appreciate that Auckland's called the City of Sails but it could just as easily be the City of Beaches.

Exploring Rock Pools 
Today we went for a walk on Takapuna Beach.  It is one of the more popular beaches on the North Shore, a fabulous spot for families and swimming, but not one we tend to visit often.  So today, to be different, we thought we would go and explore.

On days like today, you can get a great view of Rangitoto Island and many of the other islands out on the Hauraki Gulf.  We noticed many sailors taking advantage of the great conditions.  It would have been magic out on the water today.

It is such a long wide expanse of a beach, that its a lovely way to clear out the muddle in our minds, and lift off the stresses of the day - or in our case, the week.

I really enjoyed our walk on the beach - Squirt had a fabulous time collecting shells, writing in the sand and paddling in the water.  It has been such a full on week for us all, that it was a pure pleasure to chill and blow out the cobwebs.

Of particular note was the fact that it was cloudy and overcast, but hot and humid.  The clouds were gorgeous - shame my photos don't do them justice.  You can see the sky is desperate to unleash the rain in the clouds, but still - they wait.  The threaten of rain was just that - a threat.

 We are all looking forward to exploring more of Auckland's spectacular beaches during the summer period - so watch this space as I show you more of why this city is just so amazing - and all on our doorstep (this beach is 12 minutes from home).

One of the cool things about exploring the beach and rock formations is that if you
take a close up you could be mistaken to think it was some grand canyon somewhere
when in fact, its just a close up of the rocks!!

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