Thursday, November 21, 2013

What I Wish For

What I wish for, that would make my job easier:

  • That the ‘freedom’ to explore the beauty of our national curriculum was in fact a real ‘freedom’, not one watered down by mandates that essentially spoil the intent and purpose of our world class curriculum.
  • That Politicians would spend a week on my classrooms, teaching and reflecting on what impact their decisions will have on our students.
  • That educational decisions and policy were based on evidence and research, and that the profession had been consulted on and assisted in formulating. 
  • That our society understood the importance of the first 3 years of a child’s life on brain development, and that this is the most formative time of anyone’s life.  The experiences you have in those first 3 years shape who you will ultimately become in life.  In essence, it’s your hardwiring for life. 
  • That society understood the impact of trauma and abuse on a child’s brain, and that punishing ‘naughty’ students from ‘Once Were Warriors’ backgrounds is counter intuitive and the first priority is to teach these students.  Instead, help them overcome the damage sustained.  Punishment is not the answer. 
  • That the students I am constantly advocating for stop being let down by the system, and that a more holistic and resourced approached to supporting these students were put in place and sustained.  This could be an entire post several times over!
  • That we invested in early intervention programmes for at risk families and students from the start, and understood that the investment in intervention would substantially save many millions in the justice system.  This would require a long term vision and while our politicians focus on a 3 year term this is unlikely to occur.  Vision takes commitment and ethical care, in this model.
  • That society quit ‘punishing’ at risk students and instead invest in these children, supporting and teaching them to be worthy productive members of society.  I wish society would not ‘write them off’.  It might take A LOT of time and many years, but the investment is worth it.
  • That our profession was held in high esteem and that those who head into an election stop using it as a political football and vehicle for mass hysteria in order to scare the public into voting for them. 
  • That I had the tools and resources to implement the interventions required to make my vision for students – that they have the skills, dispositions and tools to be successful today for the world of tomorrow – become a reality. 
  • That we were all on the same page, a united team, with the interests of the child always at the heart of everything.  

In essence – I wish success for all students.  

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