Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kumeu National Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival - Petrol Head Heaven!

WARNING:  Screeds of pictures of very cool cars - it may be a pain to load, but if you are a fan of gorgeous car eye candy - its worth the wait!!

Today we went and paid a visit to the 20th Annual National Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival.  It was amazing.

As far as the eye could see, there was a veritable smorgasbord of cars.  Whilst I am unsure how many car enthusiasts were actually there sharing their beautiful vehicles, the amount of cars on display were in the thousands.   As for those who came to see this display of vehicular heaven, I would estimate tens of thousands.

This 'little' beauty was a miniature - Squirt was taller by half again!!

We could not have asked for a better day.  Sun, dust, petrol, diesel, oil - and of course the sounds!!   From revving engines to gasps of delight!   They even had a stage and various bands playing good rock music throughout the day.

From fully restored right through to parts, you name it, it was here.

I even found a John Deere fully restored Tractor in absolute mint condition, and a fully restored Vintage John Deere pump.    My Dad used to restore Vintage Tractors and pumps, and had ones similar, which bought back years of personal memories.   I could image 'the old man' being right in his element.

At one stage of our trip,  I remarked to Techno Man that NZ must be the place that American Muscle Cars, Classic and Hot Rods came to retire, be restored and to re find love.  I did wonder if any remained in the US, given how many thousands of cars there were.   Whichever way they got here, they were simply stunning, and I am grateful they live here now!

To say I coveted a few would be an understatement.  The only downside is the left hand drive - I am not sure how I'd manage that, considering Kiwis drive on the right (and by right I also mean correct!) side of the road!

Many were for sale - oh to have had an open cheque book today.  I fell in love with too many to count -  and Techno Man kept giving me the 'no, you can't have it' look.  Even Squirt fell in love with them - she mostly loved the Teal coloured cars.  Apparently, colour is important!

I am a particular fan of Muscle and Performance Cars - and I loved all the Mustangs (who would have thought there would be sooo many), the Pontiac GTOs, Ford GTs, Firebirds and the Chevrolet Camaros.  Oh heck - if its fast, if its got power - then I am in!!  It is a little known secret that I am a closet petrol head!


One of the neat things I loved about this Festival is that even driving to the venue was as delight - many cars, lovingly restored and treasured, were also going to the festival, and throughout the day more and more beautiful works of art came through the gates to show off to the public.

I was too slow to snap a picture of the General Lee - but as an old time lover of all things Dukes of Hazard - it was a small thrill of pleasure to see her on the road.  (Secretly, I was hoping it would do something stunt like - but alas, she was behaving, and it was with great disappointment that the driver was not one of those lovely specimens of eye candy...).

For $15 an adult (under 12s free - lucky Squirt), it was money well spent and a great days entertainment!!   The mini Mater Truck was adorable.  There was so much to see, and of course, plenty of Festival food to keep the human fuel tank full.  

The best of all was the Monster Trucks and watching those big beasts smash and run over the cars!!  Pure, unadulterated FUN!  Loud, and exciting - best of all, we were close enough to spit on them (not that a lady such as I would do something like that!).  Trust me when I say - it was fabulous!!



Enough of my discourse - what you want to see are the pictures of the cars - I took hundreds of pictures, and have narrowed it down to those that are displayed (and I am aware its still quite a few - but a picture tells the story far more effectively than I can) so, enjoy!   I know I loved seeing all these stunning cars.  It was - quite simply - pure eye candy! 

It is an annual event, on every 3rd weekend of January - so who knows, we might just see you there next year!!  I am calling this a 5 star event!!

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