Friday, January 3, 2014

The Resolution Revolt


New Years Eve - it pops up once a year, and the obligatory status updates, magazine articles, media reports and daily 'buzz' around the place is all focussed on making (or breaking) new years resolutions.

I am not going to make any - call me the 'anti resolution maker'.  It's not because I want to necessarily rain down on all your resolution parades.  Not at all.  By all means, go forth and make those statements.  I no doubt that for a small (and by small I mean almost minuscule and invisible to the human eye small) few, those resolutions will be kept and followed and faithfully adhered to.  I appreciate that at this point I sound terribly cynical.  But hear me out - there is method to my madness, and I have an alternative.

Instead of you sitting at home writing yourself a long list of what you intend to do better starting from the 1st of January, most likely under the influence of a 'lemonade' or four, I am going to issue you with a challenge and a wish for you.

The challenge: 

Do what makes you happy, when you are ready, and when the time is right.  Why wait until New Years?  If you have to wait until a specific day, or that elusive 'Monday', then I wonder if you are really committed to make that change.

The reality is, the only right time to make a change is the 'now' where you are ready, willing and prepared.

I liken it to quitting smoking.  We all know it's bad for us, and New Years seems a good time, but really, to be successful you have to know in yourself that you have had enough and the only person who can make the difference is you.

If it's one thing I've noticed about those who have been successful in achieving their goals (quitting smoking, losing weight, leaving a toxic relationship...) is that they have not waited for the start of the year.  They have finally made the decision, put aside the excuses (you will always be too busy, too broke, too stressed) and just gone for it.

They've set their goals, not allowed anyone or anything to get in the way, and when they've had a momentary setback, they have gotten back up, brushed themselves off and not beaten themselves up.  

So the challenge is - set your goals, make your changes and be all you can be throughout your year!!  Don't wait until next year!  Most importantly - follow your dreams, because one day those dreams will be gone.  

In order to meet the above challenge I leave you with this wish for the following year. 

The Wish

Resilience - so that When life throws you a curve ball, you will take that as an opportunity for growth and come through that tough time with honed skills and a strength that you can be proud of.  

Financial Security - so that you have enough money to realise your dreams, keep your cupboards full, provide you with a home to go to, and most importantly, enough to meet your needs.  

Love - from your friends and family and people who care for you, and for whom you care back.  

Peace - and the ability to seek solutions - for those things that trouble you and so your worries disappear, to be able to laugh more than you cry, to be happy to smile and to eat well.  Find your inner beauty and nurture it.  

Good Health -  what more do I need to say.  We take our health for granted, and then one day, we are sick and we realise that some of our lifestyle choices have left us paying a hefty price.  So I wish for you the ability to make informed decisions about your health, and to do the best that you can to be the healthiest you can, in order to meet the lifestyle you want.  

Courage - to face your fears, and the strength to overcome them.  

Kindness - for yourself and towards others.  Having empathy and understanding that old adage, 'there go I but by the grace of the universe'.  Be your own best friend, and pay it forward when you can. 

Finally - don't make your 'resolutions' because society says you have to do it on a particular day each year - make them when you are ready, when you feel you need to and because you want to and you know you will stick to them.

Most importantly, be you, be happy, be loved!


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