Monday, April 7, 2014

New Beginnings - Fresh Starts and Affirmations for the Journey!

"Change always comes bearing gifts'  
Price Prichett 

This is part two in the Affirmations series.   Last weeks inaugural Affirmation post related to politics.  It was a little tongue in cheek and a little wishful thinking, inspired by the belief that we are what we believe and we are what we wish for.   

This week, the inspiration for post two in the Affirmations series is about change, in particular new beginnings and fresh starts.  A number of people I know have embarked on a new pathway, starting a new chapter in their life.   Some just within recent days, others within recent months.   Whilst their reasons vary, they are all experienceing what it is to go through change. 

Change is one of those constant and inevitable aspects of life.  Sometimes it is welcomed, and other times it sneaks up behind you and takes you by surprise. 

Sometimes when you are going through change its hard to see the wood for the trees, and easy to forget that like all change, it is a process and you will get through it.  

This series of affirmations are like little beacons of hope, a reminder that you can adapt to anything, and that it is merely a transition time.  Affirmations are useful  tools to help us rewire our self talk. 

Essentially this post is for everyone who is currently embarking on a new journey, contemplating one or about to traverse down unknown highways.   

Bless and enjoy - remember, you are what you think!

Firstly, take a deep breath!  It will be ok, you will be just fine and you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.  This can be an exciting time. 

To help you on your path to being happy, remember to smile, breathe, be grateful for the small things, and be confident!  Who you are makes a difference!

It is true!  You do have all the power you need to be all that you can be!  Want to know something amazing?  YOU are amazing!

The ability to make choices is such a life affirming and amazing opportunity.  It is something that you have control over.  You choose how you react to any given situation, and you have the power to make positive choices for your future.  You are only limited by what you choose for yourself.  So choose to smile, believe in yourself, choose to be confident and take risks, choose to be all that you can be!  Most importantly, choose to be happy.  Or not - its your choice ;) 

Too right you are!  Whats life if it is not there to embrace and enjoy!  

The possibilities are endless.  Sometimes when our mind keeps hankering for the past, or if it feels bogged down in the present, then we will naturally struggle with the possibilities the future holds.  This affirmation is to remind you that your future is indeed bright - it is exciting - and it is yours to make.  How can it not - it hasn't happened yet so it is full of possibilities.  

This is a reminder that despite any setbacks that may come your way,  each day you awaken, you are offered a new fresh start.  A new beginning full of fresh opportunities.   A new day, a new opportunity and a chance to be proud of all you are.  

I have left one of the best for last - this affirmation is to remind you that you can do it!  My challenge is for you to find the silver lining in every cloudy obstacle.  Find it and turn it into an opportunity.

"We cannot face up to what lies ahead if we do not face up to what lies within."
Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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