Saturday, September 20, 2014

And so it is done...

Here I sit, at my laptop, listening to music, wondering about the world.  It is a miserably wet Sunday afternoon, post election.  Out the window, the heavens have let forth and it is pouring down, on and off as if it can't decide which way to go.   One moment there is sun, the next tropical downpour.  In a metaphorical way, if I was to way lyrical, its like a form of grieving, hope and cleansing at the same time.  

The country has spoken. 

With a clear majority, the National Party has secured another three years running the country. 

I thought I would be more disappointed.  

Instead, I am more resigned to the fact that it is what it is.  That is the grief bit - letting go of what might have been and resigning oneself for what will be.  No doubt all those who lean leftwards would have liked a much better result.  

For those of us in Education, it won't be an easy road, especially in those communities where its not all white middle class roses in bloom.  However, like all roads, there will be opportunities and little gems along the journey.  It will be our job to find the opportunities, capitalise on the gems and ensure success reigns supreme for our communities.  Easy it won't be, but it is possible - no, I retract that - it must be possible and it is our job to make it so.    That is the hope part.

Heres where the cleansing comes in.  We can sit at home and cry into our cups of tea, moan into our lattes, OR we can shake off the disappointment, call it what it is - and do what we need to do to make it work.  

If more children get hungry - feed them.  If their families need help, help them.  If you see injustice, right the wrongs, and if you are required to 'collaborate', then do it, with a smile, and make the system work from within.   Support our colleagues, look after your teams and be the best you there is.  Look for those opportunities and gems - buy yourself a magnifying glass if you have to - but look for them.  

Finally, its been a messy election - and I won't rehash that in this post, but I would ask those who are on the left to get over the grieving fast, and move onto the cleansing.  Learn from the lessons, and remember, onwards and upwards.   This is the beauty of democracy - we may not always agree with the outcomes, but at least we can be grateful that we have the choice to vote or not.  The power, even when it feels it is not, is in our hands.  

Congratulations to the National Party.   Last night the PM said he wanted to do things for all New Zealanders.  I hope so. 

And so it is done! 

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