Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Change - To Be Embraced Not Feared

This is part three in a series inspired by Richard Gerver who presented at the NZPF Conference.  Todays post are key takeouts from the keynote 'Change belongs to those who prepare for it'.   You can read part one on "What our students need' here, and part two on 'Finding the passion in education'  here.

Leading change is one of the single most important challenges within leadership.  As time sets in people can become less open to change and as a result become reluctant to engage in the process.  It is this reluctance that can be the most challenging aspect of leadership.  

A strategy for positive change is to ensure the process and the need for the change, is visionary and collaborative.  Too often change is reactive or imposed by policy that has not bought people along with it.  

As you watch the presentation, ask yourself, in what way does this resonate with what we do, and in what ways could we reframe or improve on our processes? 

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