Thursday, October 9, 2014

Leading In Complex Times

Todays post was inspired by a keynote at the NZPF Conference by Brendan Spillane.  Brendan is an ex teacher, principal and is well known for his work as an executive coach.

He was our final keynote, and they choose him well.  I have read some of his work and although I had heard of him, this was my first opportunity to hear him, in the flesh, at a conference.  The only disappointment I had was that we only had one opportunity to hear him!  I would have particularly liked to have heard him speak on his experiences as a coach.

He was a fabulous speaker with a number of important messages, one in particular, about finding the joy in our lives, which I will come back to.  If you get the chance to hear Brendan speaking on leadership, I highly recommend you take up the opportunity.

The following presentation was created using PowToon (which I think has huge applications within classrooms) and highlights the key takeout messages I was particularly taken with, from Brendan's Keynote.

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