Sunday, October 5, 2014

What Do Our Students Need? Richard Gerver Part 1:

In my post Fifty Shades of Green, I mentioned that I had been to the NZPF (New Zealand Principals) Conference, where I had heard some fabulous speakers.  This is the first post in a series, with my key takeouts from the conference.  In an effort to consolidate my own thinking and learning in a variety of ways, todays post is in the form of an infographic.  

Richard Gerver - Part 1: Infographic - What Do Our Students Need?

Our First Keynote was Richard Gerver speaking about 'A New Education Age'.  There were two parts to his keynote, the first this post is related to about preparing our students for their future, and the second (which I will come back to) on branding.

We were fortunate to hear Richard three times, in the form of two keynotes and one fabulous workshop.  Like all good speakers, he has an on stage charisma that stems from a passion for what he does and for what he believes in.  For me, it was refreshing to hear a likeminded individual who spoke the same language.  From discussions with some of my colleagues afterward, it was clear that what he had to say had an infectious influence on many of the principals in attendance.   It can be all to easy to get bogged down in the policy and agendas of others, and forget what it is we know to be important.  It is never a bad thing to be reminded of our passion for what we do.

The following infographic sums up the key takeouts I had from Richards first keynote.


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