Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Eight Songs of Inspiration

2014 has been an interesting journey, with a road that has been full of ups and downs, tight corners and long straights.  At times the road has been smooth and a 'chilled' ride and at other times it has been a potholed, dusty,  gravelled track that has been a challenge to navigate.

That is the beauty of life, in that a varied journey shapes us into the people we are.  It is the difficulties in our journey that teach us how to be resilient, tolerant, patient and how to empathise with our fellow journey takers.  We choose how we respond to each of these difficulties, and how to use our journey to either make us stronger and better, or if we will allow it to strike us down in bitterness.

Whilst the journey, when it is taxing, may add a few more grey hairs and wrinkles, each of these 'road makers'  are like sign posts that tell a story.  When you look at it from that perspective, it is easy to find solace in the knowledge that no one wants to read a boring book, so we might as well embrace the tricky parts our our life journey, and see them as the parts of our 'book' that keep the reader engrossed and on the edge of their seats!

Over the year I have been privy to the trials and tribulations of a number of  challenging journeys that others have faced, or are currently facing.  Irrespective of situation, I have been constantly inspired by the strength, courage and mental fortitude others have to overcome their difficulties.  It is both humbling and motivating.

When I am faced with road blocks and pot holes, it is music that helps me find solace and face my demons.  The following tracks have been sources of inspiration for me, and I share them in this post for all the people who are going through a tough time, or have overcome the difficult parts of their journey.  I want you to know that you are amazing, that you are capable of great things, and that you should not ever, ever give up, because the journey you are on means that your book is a best seller!!

You know who you are!  xx

1. On My Way - By Charlie Brown 

I LOVE the lyrics in this piece of music.  It is an uplifting message of hope and resilience, and when you are singing it in your car, as loud as you can, it feels like you are telling the world that actually, while you may not be there yet, you will be.

You been down and feel so fed up
When they tell you, you might not get up
Might not be on top of the world but hey
Here's what you say
You might work but I work harder
You might fight but I fight smarter
Might not be on the top of the world but hey
I'm on my way

2. Its Not Right For You - Script 

When I first heard this song, its lyrics made me feel quite emotional.  At the time things were very busy, and when you are in leadership, it can feel very lonely. (I have blogged about this before here) Sometimes you can leave at the end of the day with the impression that you have not made a difference, and that what you do is unappreciated.  Listening to this song helped put things into perspective.  We do only have one life 'to love what we do'.  I took stock and reexamined the importance of that old adage, live to work or work to live.  Sometimes a piece of music makes us think, and for that reason this is one of my top songs for inspiration!   All the words tell a story.

She said, "Is this the life you've been dreaming of
Spending half the day away from the things you love?
It's not too late to do something new."

She said, "It's hard enough trying to live your life.
But not following your dreams made you dead inside.
If you don't love what you do."

3. Freedom by Anthony Hamilton and Feat Elyana Boynton 

This song is from the movie Django Unchained (which, if you have not seen is simply amazing and I give 5 out of 5 stars) soundtrack.  Not only is it a powerful soul track, it has at its heart a message about hope and fighting for what you believe in.  I lOVE this song and I play it loud.  Listening to it makes me feel inspired and uplifts my soul!

Not giving up has always been hard, 
So hard...
But if I do the things the easy way I won’t get far.
Hmm, life hasn't been very kind to me lately, 
But I suppose it’s a push for moving on, 
Oh yeah;
In time the sun’s gonna shine on me nicely, 
One day yeah,
Something tells me good things are coming and I ain't gonna not believe.

4. When the Night Falls Quiet by Birds of Tokyo 

I love how this song speaks of collaboration and solidarity with your fellow humans, for a common cause.

We are cast out
We are facing cold connections
When the ash clouded our vision
In a war between many
So few had won their placement
And I knew that it mattered
When lines formed and ties were broken

5. Let It Be by Labyrinth 

Firstly its a cool piece of music and its arrangement is an eclectic and chilled sound, but most importantly for me its a message about letting things go and not hanging onto the baggage that threatens to weigh us down.

Put my money where my mouth is
And I laid my cards
I'm a go out fightin' and leave my scars
I don't know about tomorrow
But I know I got heart

Put my feet right on the margin
And I just might hit the bottom
Throw my hands out on the breeze
And let it be

6. SFM by Ginny Blackmore

Whats not to like about this piece of music.  For me its about finding our own release to let go of the emotions and demons that plague us.  Find you 'sing' and let it out.

y stage is the greatest in the world
At the bottom of my bedroom, not much headroom,
But I can hear my three million melodies
Make the place go home.[?]

And I'mma I'mma I'mma I'mma
Sing 'em out,
Sing 'em out just for myself,
'Cause I don't even care what the world thinks
'Bout how I sound.

7. The Same Man by Dan Sultan 

Who can walk away from a good beat and a banjo!!  More importantly, this toe tapper is about adaptation and compromise.   Sometimes being the same and expecting the same results is madness, and it is never too late to change because if you stay the same you can only expect what you have always had.

Cause I keep on doing the same damn things
I'm loving the same, expecting different endings
But it's like you never learned until it starts to burn

8. Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes 

I love how this song encourages you to be the best you can be, to forget about what others say, and that making mistakes is ok.  Don't be ordinary, be who you are destined to be!!  Sing it loud, turn it up and don't care what the people say' - you live once so take that chance and GO FOR IT.

We don’t have to be ordinary
Make your best mistakes
‘Cause we don’t have the time to be sorry
So baby be the life of the party
I’m telling you, take your shot it might be scary
Hearts are gonna break
‘Cause we don’t have the time to be sorry
So baby be the life of the party

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