Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day 1: Challenge Accepted #28daysofwriting

Last night I was fascinated to read a fellow bloggers post on #28daysofwriting.   At the time I thought it was terribly clever to come up with such an idea, and I was very impressed that someone would decide to take on a challenge like that at this time of the year - especially an educator, as here in New Zealand summer holidays are over and school has started back.

It is very busy in our schools right now.

I made a comment to this effect to her on twitter - and thats when @Dianne_Khan, blogger extraordinaire from the fabulous kiwi blog 'Save Our Schools' issued the challenge back to me.  Of course I was curious, so I investigated further.

So here I am, taking the plunge.

I am a bit anxious.

I am worried that my clarity of thinking in written form will be stilted, that the writing will be rushed and immature, and my writers 'voice' will be hampered.  Hampered by the inevitable errors as I realise the limited time frame of writing for 28 minutes for 28 days will mean it will have spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors that will be the equivalent of a 'written screech' for those that notice these things.  (and sentences that are really too long for their own good)

I am also anxious about meeting the challenge.  It will be a very busy term for me, culminating with the ultimate end of term finish!  We have the Education Review Office (our version of Offstead) onsite on the last week of term.  Whilst it is a good opportunity for us to get some feedback on the journey over the last few years, it is not without its 'worries'.  Add in all the back to school things that keep leaders flat out busy, and you get the picture.

Will I actually find that 28 minutes each day?

So far I have had at least four interruptions.  Perhaps the main concern will not be writing for 28 minutes but finding 28 uninterrupted minutes!

I have also just realised that I wasted two and a half of my precious 28 minutes uploading a photo at the beginning.

I need that photo however, as it is a perfect illustration of this challenge.

You see, it says 'find yourself', and whilst I may be a bit anxious that I will suffer from performance anxiety, I am also a little curious and quite a lot excited about the possibilities.  I work well under deadlines, and this kind of challenge is the perfect place for me to put some pressure on myself.

It may well be that this challenge is the catalyst that I need to get myself back into the swing of things.  It may well be the spring board into taking writing to a new level.  At the very least it will be an interesting pursuit.  Perhaps, it will help me achieve my dream (more about that on a new post - I do have 28 days which which to share it so best I keep something up my sleeve for writing about!).

On that note, time is running out, and I need to leave myself a minute or so to re read, quick edit (time allowing) and to post a few labels.

In the meantime, if this might spin your wheels, here is the link for you to start your own challenge - go on, I dare you.  If I can - then I know that you sure as eggs can!!

Must go - the timers gone off!

#28days ofwriting


  1. Hurrah! I look forward to reading your musings throughout the month, and I will forgive your errors if you forgive mine. After all, we only get to do a first draft and hit publish - which is a little scary and not what we'd normally do. Off to attack day 2 now ... eek.

  2. I will do my best! Great concept and fabulous for the grey matter!

  3. Did you sign up on that page or just take the concept and run with it? Tempting as I feel the need to get back into writing and getting the thoughts out of my head! :)

  4. Signed up - it was Dianne - she challenged me!! I have been thinking about how this concept would be as a school challenge and if I had a class again how I would use it....I sent the link to my staff - will be interesting to see what comes of it - keep you posted!