Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day 6: Coaching Questions for Tactics and Habits #28daysofwriting

In previous posts I have discussed coaching in education using the GROWTH coaching model.  On day two of #28daysofwriting I used the GROWTH coaching model to set my goal for this challenge, and outlined each step of the model.  In this post I want to go into a little more depth around the Tactics and Habits.

Tactics and Habits are the two final steps in the GROWTH model, and I confess, I have found them to be two of the harder steps.  However, they are two of the most important as they lay down the foundations of future success.  Using Tactics and Habits improve the  traditional GROW model, in that they are the two steps that consolidate the process and help coachees put in place systems and structures which then assist them to be successful.  Successful not just during this particular goal, but in the future.  Given coaching is about being strengths and solutions based, Tactics and Habits are therefore, important steps.


It is said that a tactic is a plan or procedure set in place to assist one to get to their desired end. With this in mind, it is the coaches job to help the coachee explore for themselves which tactics are going to be the most useful to assist them to achieve their goal.  Using the right question will help them explore ideas.

The key questions I like to use to help my coachees' find the right tactics for them have included:

  1. When will you do it? (the actions they have chosen, putting a timeframe around each action makes it concrete and consolidates its importance)
  2. When exactly will you take the next step?
  3. How will you do it?
  4. What is the next small step to progress this option?  
  5. What tools might you find useful? (diary/calendar)
  6. Who do you know that does this well - what exactly do they do that you could try?


A habit is a pattern of behaviour that is ingrained, something that is often developed from repeating it often until it becomes standard as something 'you just do'.  Helping your coachee find strategies that will assist them to develop habits will mean they will be successful now and in the future.   It is a key to being strengths based and helping them develop a growth mindset.  

The following questions are the ones I like to use.  

  1. How will you make sure you carry out and complete your actions?
  2. What do you need to do to make sure your success is sustainable? 
  3. What might get in the way?  How might we address this?  (this question is the best one for getting your coachee to think about the distractions that might derail them from success, and put a plan in place to address it - it works in well with reminding them of some of the tactics they can use to assist them to overcome these barriers)
  4. What will you be remembering to do next time? 

What questions have you used to help your coachee develop the skills that will ensure they will meet their goals and experience success?  What Tactics and Habits do you find most helpful?

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