Friday, March 20, 2015

NZ Race Relations Day - Something to Digest

Things that make you go Hmmmm.

Today is New Zealand Race Relations day and today I came across something on my Facebook feed (thanks Richard) that gave me pause for thought.

Watch the video and let it be something to digest and reflect on, given that today is NZ Race Relations Day.  If you are not from NZ, consider your own context and think about what kind of racism lives in your own communities.  Is it soft and covert or something much harder and overt.  If you are a teacher, what impact does something like this have on the students in your own class and more importantly, what will you and your colleagues need to do about it?

As an educator there is nothing more damaging than ignorance to the potential of our young people.

None of us - not me, not you and not your neighbour, can afford one single child or young person to be marginalised.

All our young people hold the key to our future and it is they that will be running the world when we are old and unwanted.

Enough from me, let the voices in the video paint the picture.

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