Monday, December 30, 2013

My Top Playlist for 2013

Music is a magical thing.  In seconds it can elicit an emotional response, and before you can blink, a barrage of memories, feelings and thoughts can transport you to any time in your history, or make new memories.   2013 has been a good year for music.

I love how my iPhone can tell me what the top songs are in my playlist - out of hundreds, it narrows it down to 25.  Let me share - no judging - I am a fan of most music, and it is interesting looking at which ones I played the most.  It is, in its own way, a reflection of my year to some degree.

Here is my top 10.

1. Something I Need - OneRepublic

"If we only live once, I wanna live with you…"
I think OneRepublic are one of the best creative sounds for the year.  Not only are you inspired to sing along with them, but the lyrics are clever - the only downside is I'm kicking myself for not going to their concert this year.  Whilst this song is in the top of my playlist, I'm not all surprised that its there or that any of their other songs are there as well.   Since downloading this song, I have played it and played it - and when it hasn't been me, Squirt has been playing it.  Fortunately, I am not sick of it yet.  I have to say, I really enjoy their music, and Counting Stars is in the top 25 most played list this year as well - a testament to the talent and musicality of this group.

2. Go Gentle - Robbie Williams

"When you go giving your heart make sure they deserve it…"
I have posted about Robbie's new song previously - see here robbie-williams-go-gentle.  I think I summed it up nicely and theres no need to elaborate further!   Suffice to say it has such beautiful lyrics, a catchy tune and it makes me want to dance (which is not something I am prone to do).  In addition it is one of those songs you can't help but sing along with.

3. Let Her Go - Passenger

"Staring at the bottom of your glass, hoping one day you'll make a dream last"
For me, one of the best new alternative folk rock sounds of the year.  Their folksy, catchy songs bring a unique new brand to our airwaves (TechnoMan calls it 'greenie' and worthy of a Greenpeace soundtrack) that we haven't heard for sometime.  I loved this song the moment I heard it - so much so, that I pulled the car over and downloaded it there and then.   This song is about appreciating what you have and I love its message.  

4. SFM - Ginny Blackmore

"When I open my mouth, there is no place to hide…"
Oh she is a clever singer this young lady - her voice is a beautiful instrument.  I love the lyrics in this song - I can relate to her message - if explains exactly how I find writing, and what I get from music.   It is a song that touches my heart with its musicality and its message.

5. Get Along - Guy Sabastian

"When all the worlds collide, all they know is to divide, and its easy if they're faceless, to hate the other side"
I love this song.  It is not one of his songs that hit as much airtime as some of his other songs, but its soulful melancholy struck a chord with me, and the moment I heard it I fell in love with the beauty of the lyrics and the message it holds.  For me, one of the main hooks that I adore are the snare drums.  If only music like this had the power to change the world we live in for good.   Bless you Guy for a beautiful song.  xx

6. It's Worth It - Jackie Thomas

'We were just ankle deep, water started to creep.."
I love the melody in this song.  Its one of those great songs for turning up loud in your car and pretending you are a rockstar.  (assuming no one else is subjected to it)

7.  Diggin' Up Bones - Randy Travis 

'Im resurrecting memories of a love thats dead and gone…"
Be nice - no sniggering.  Randy Travis is one of the Kings of Country.  He has one of the most beautiful country voices around - its a soothing, sexy drawl that makes your soul sing.   This is one of my all time favourite songs - and I guess I must play it a lot for it to be in the top ten.  TechnoMan and Squirt are not as big a fan, its fair to say, and are not all that comfortable when its played really loud in the car!!   I first heard this when I was a teenager (and I confess I may have had a small crush on him shhhh) and I found it again a couple of years ago - thank the universe for iTunes Store!!  I guess what you learn about me is that you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl!!

8. Gonna Be Ok - Chris Rene

"Have you ever thought about just ending, even toying with the curtain call…"
What I love about this song are the powerful lyrics, teamed with a hypnotic beat.  There is a clever mix between rapping and harmony - and all together, it makes for one of my favourite songs on my playlist. For me, it is a song with hope - it suggests that despite the hard times, others understand and you will be ok.    When I sing this song, it uplifts me and gives me a reason to soothe a bad day.

9. Demons - Imagine Dragons 

"Don't get too close, its dark inside, its where my demons hide…"
This is such a talented band, they have amazing lyrics and I love how they can pull the music together to create a powerful music experience.  This song makes you want to close your eyes and really feel the music.  Its a song you can relate to - we all have demons inside.  Beautiful.

10. Just Don't Ask Me How I know - Jasmine Rae 

"I cut my heart off of my sleeve so I can't feel the pain"  
Warning, put you judgement boots away, it is a another country song!  The first time I heard this song, I was browsing the iTunes store late one night, and it made me cry.  To elicit such a strong response meant I needed to buy it.  There is something about the lyrics and the wistful longing within the song that reaches into my soul, and I love this song.   I have it super loud in the car and I sing it as if my life depends on it.


Honourable Mention: 

Whilst not in my top ten - these songs need an honourable mention for their beauty and because I have sung them to death in my car this year - and frankly - I LOVE THEM! 

Stay *Feat Mikky Ekko) - Rihanna 

'Something in the way you move, makes me feel like I can't live without you'
This is simply stunning!! I love this song and I have to say she did an amazing job of singing it at her concert earlier this year.  There is a connection both of them have that brings this song to life.  I love the beauty and the drama of the song, the lyrics and how it all comes together.  It is for that reason I would classify this as one of this years best ballads.  To say that I have sung this song in my car over and over again on repeat is an understatement.  It misses out on the top ten by a smidgeon only!  It is the kind of song that brings out my inner rockstar goddess.  For that reason alone I am sure it will be a 'forever favourite' in my collection.

Sail - AWOL Nation, Megalithic Symphony 

"Maybe I'm a different breed, maybe I'm not listening, blame it on my ADD baby"
Alternative electronic rock music, this American band have produced a hypnotic and clever piece of music.  I heard it on the Whats Hot section of iTunes and had to download it as soon as it started.  I love its mix of sounds, its is quite simply, a modern symphony for the ears, with a darker, moodier tone that gives the listener a sense of being chilled out and laid back.

Holes - Passenger 

"The wolfs just a puppy, the doors double locked, why you have to worry me for…"
I love this song.  Its such a cheerful, upbeat little number and for me, I love the lyrics.  Theres a sense of such hope and the key message for me is that we need to look on the bright side.  Its a real 'universe will provide' kind of feel good song.  Like the earlier song, its folksy number is nice addition to the music landscape.  

Little Me - Little Mix

"I know she's brave but its trapped inside, scared to talk but she doesn't know why"
This is a recent addition to my playlist - and I have added it here to this list because I love the message.  Its a strong message for all girls.  In a year of songs that have disrespected woman and where twerking is the only way to get your song publicity (I know - that was harsh - and although I like the song in question someone had to say it) its refreshing to see a group of woman sing something with a nice message for our young woman to listen to.  It is something I wish I could tell my younger me.  So all you beautiful woman out there -you 'gotta speak up, shout out, everything you want to be.."

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