Monday, February 10, 2014

The Big Gay Out

Coyle Park looking towards Auckland City and the Sky Tower

On Sunday we went to the Big Gay Out.  It was our first time visiting this annual Auckland Festival, and it was fabulous!

The Festival was held at Point Chevalier's Coyle Park.

This was the 15th year the festival has been run, with an estimated 15,000 people turning up to enjoy the free event.  By all accounts the Big Gay Out is one of the highlights in the rainbow calendar.

We weren't too sure what to expect, if I am to be honest.  In the past, I thought it was an Adult only kind of event, and not appropriate for Squirt - I couldn't have been more wrong.   Others had assured me that it was indeed appropriate for families, and this was very true.  It gave us a great opportunity to talk to Squirt about equity and tolerance, and to discuss how it is ok for families to look different to ours.

When we arrived at the park, we were greeted by a friendly anti GE activist.  He seemed genuinely surprised that I not only knew about it, agreed - but had even blogged about it!  (If you would like to be more informed you can read it here)


Of course, all the main political players (from the PM, the Mayor, the Leader of the Opposition, Leader of the Greens etc) made a show of turning up, and smoozing with the crowd.  All in the name of an election year.  I noticed quite a few politicians there just for the fun of it - and the odd commentator or two.  Its one of the great things about Auckland - its such a diverse community of interesting people.

Looking toward the West

It is a very well run festival, with good security, great entertainment and plenty of opportunities for people watching.  In addition, they have a market area with all manner of items, from food, hats, information pavilions, the obligatory political stands and free health checks.


The Defence Force was even there with its recruitment truck - which I found a little ironic. It is the beauty of EEO policies, and it was a great testament to a more tolerant world.


Advice for newbies?

1. Sit under the trees - it was stinking hot and the sun was relentless, so go early and park up.
2. Just go and have fun.


So, in summary, it was a stunning day - the sun was shinning, the cicadas singing - and the music and entertainment was pumping!!


We will go back next year, and I no doubt this will be a regular on our Auckland annual events calendar!!



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