Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Long Bay National Park


Sunday looms, and you wonder - shall I go to the gym or could we all go out as a family and explore, get some fresh air and be fit together?   Fit together won!

As a family we went and explored Long Bay National Park.  Its a lovely gentle beach, perfect for swimming and strolling along.  A bonus is how close to the city it is, and it is not too far from home.  Situated on the East Coast of the North Shore, it is a very popular place for Auckland's to come to in the weekend, and long holidays.

There is access to 3 beaches, but on this occasion we only explored Long Bay beach.  There is an amazing old original homestead that is undergoing restoration, the Vaughan Homestead, a number of walks and a fabulous playground and facilities for recreation.  There are WW2 Gun Emplacements which can be accessed from one of the walks. 

It is a lovely day out, and well worth the explore, especially if you are a fan of water activities such as swimming, boating and kayaking.  Long Bay Regional Park is adjacent to the Long Bay, Okura marine reserve, so it is a look and enjoy but don't touch place.

Enjoy the series of photos that highlight some of the beauty of Long Bay.  On the day we were there it was mostly hot, humid, overcast and the sun graced us with its presence sporadically.

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