Friday, March 28, 2014

Which Music Tops the Charts This Week Around the World?

So, I was wondering today - what are the number one songs across the world?
Are they the same?  Are they different?

Here are this weeks number one songs in New Zealand (we can't have a list without my home country in it), Australia, England, America, China, Malaysia, Philippines and Russia (for fun).   Yes, its a random list of countries but its fun to look both within and outside the box sometimes.


New Zealand:
5 Seconds of Summer - She looks so perfect
3.8/5 Stars

Its very pop rock and pretty good considering its Australian (I jest - we love our Australian neighbours).    It is catchy and typical of the genre.  I can see why its topped our charts - and I am considering purchasing it for myself.   I find if I don't watch the video I like the song more (they make me feel very very old).

Australia:  Philippines:
Pharrell Williams - Happy
4/5 Stars 

Who can't love this song - its catchy, its cheerful and you can not help but tap your foot and want to sing or hum along.  Heck, its even being used during assemblies now!!  Nice collaboration of lyrics and music.  It promises 'happy' and it delivers.  Both Aussie and the Philippines have this as their number one.

Katy Perry(ft Juicy J) - Dark Horse
4/5 Stars 

I love Katy and I love this song.  The fact it caused controversy in the way it did is enough in its own right to ensure I applaud her from a large roof top!  (Lets not go into why right now however least I offend someone).   I have purchased this from iTunes and I love to listen to it when I am at the gym, in the car, or just whenever!  I love all the little twists and turns with the music, both instrumentally and lyrically.  Its clever and I like it.

Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA
3.5/5 Stars for me 

It is typical of Miley - its got a hook or two, its bouncy and its something you can sing along to.  Certainly perky enough to listen to - I imagine I would tire of it quickly however so not on a list of must buys from iTunes for me.

Duke Dumont (feat Jax Jones) - I got U
3/5 stars for me 

This is a chilled out dance remix sound - not really my 'cuppa tea', but pleasant enough to the ears.  For me its a bit repetitive and not all that inspiring but by all accounts its sweeping the world up.  Apparently it has been transformed into 7 minutes of energetic piano house by some LA producer.  All power to them - I'm not sure it would improve it for me.  However, each to their own.

Fynn Jamal - Arjuna Beta
4/5 stars for me

A beautiful and haunting song with sweet melodies and hypnotic sounds that draw the listener in.  Lovely.  To be honest, nice to hear something not on our mainstream airwaves for a change.

Serebro - Ya Tebya Ne Otdam
3.5/5 Stars

Its certainly a catchy piece of pop dance music.  This is a Russian girl group not that dissimilar to any from the western world - they have obviously used the same formula to create this hit and I can see it being played on radio stations and in clubs across Russia.  Not being a russian speaker means I am unsure what the lyrics refer to, but the beat and style of music makes that not necessary for enjoyment.
Interestingly, the number 2 song in Russia right now is by Lana Del Rey 'Young and Beautiful'.

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