Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 Affirmations for a Rough Day!

Had a rough day?   Possibly a rough week?

Todays Affirmation post is inspired by those days where you just wonder if you should have even bothered getting up in the morning.   We have all had a those rough days where you question your very being - who you are and what others see you as.   This post is for when you have had the kind of day where you feel as if your confidence and personal wellbeing has been shaken to its very core.

In summary, it is for all of us who have had the kind of day (or heaven forbid week) where you think, 'today, I am more the statue than I am the seagull

Don't scoff.  I am quite serious.  A hug can be one of those things that soothes the soul and eases the aches of a bad day.  Hugging induces oxytocin, a powerful 'feel good' hormone.  It is an instant stress deflator, with the added bonus of stimulating dopamine, which is the pleasure hormone.  What is not to love? I am not a hugger by nature, but even I will admit that the hug I got after my rough day was just the medicine I needed. My advice - never underestimate the power of the hug.  

It is true! If you have had a rough day, just repeat to yourself, "I am a good person, I am a great person to be around'. Keep on saying it until you believe it. Self confidence is a quality that people are attracted to. A rough day can can knock our confidence and rob us of our self esteem. Don't let it. If you display confidence (even in the moments where you feel least confident) then others will believe it as well. There is some truth in the old adage, 'fake it until you make it', at least, there is in this context!

It is all to easy to allow someone to rob us of our confidence and self esteem.    When this happens, our happiness levels drop to depressing lows, and climbing back up can seem insurmountable.  If you do a search on happiness, you will find screeds of information that links happiness to positive and pleasant emotions and emotional wellbeing.  The key here, for me, is the word positive.  I won't promise you it is easy - my rough day left me succumbing to the self indulgent emotions of pity and hurt - but the reality is - finding the positives, thinking positively and seeking the positivity needed to be happy - or in my case content - was what pulled me back up.  Make a list of the positives in your life, think of things that are positive, use the affirmation above, and find your triggers for what makes you happy. 

I am a lover of boots.  In my world, a woman can never have to many boots, which is why this is a favourite affirmation of mine.  In reality, it is a metaphor for stepping up to the challenges that a rough day faces us with, plastering a smile on our face, and rising up to greet the day.  It can be hard.  There can be times where you just wish you could run away and hide from the challenge.  But to that I say - put those boots on, wear that smile and embrace the day - because once you face that challenge, you will be stronger and better for it.  Often, these challenges are much bigger in our head than they are in the reality of the day.  
You can do it.  
I can do it.  
We can do it. 

This is the best one to finish on.  The beauty of a rough day - or heaven forbid a rough week - is that it will pass.  At the time it seems like the world is ending and you wish a hole would open up and swallow you whole, but we both know that it will pass.   The beauty of the world is that we can't predetermine what is around the corner - and it is the wonder of knowing that something wonderful may come around that corner at anytime that keeps me smiling.   Hang in there - paste that smile on your face - and if you are finding that hard today, then take one from above.  Believe in the future, and repeat after me 'Each day I smile, because I never know who or what, is around the corner'.  

Finally, we all have rough days, and we all have times where the self talk is negative and feeding into the dramas of the rough day.  If you have had one of those then take heart - it will be but a memory soon enough, and in the meantime, read through these affirmations and see if one of them hits the button for you, because I made them especially for you and I and those rough days.  

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