Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Affirmations and Politics - An Exercise in Futility or Positive Pragmatism?

Techno Man had one of his 'lets take the proverbial' moments last night, and made a post about affirmations.  It was tongue and cheek and designed to provoke a reaction (I suspect in me).  It did work in a way - it got me thinking.  

I like affirmations.  I must confess that I am inconsistent in my application of affirmations, but nonetheless I am an affirmation fan.  So I got to wondering (as I do) about the application of affirmations in our daily lives, and I wondered about making a regular post that referred back to affirmations that we meet in our various day to day contexts.

Affirmation Context Number One:  Affirmations and Politics - An Exercise in Futility or Positive Pragmatism.  

Let me briefly explain - if one subscribes to the "Universe Provides" theory of positivity, then sending out positive affirmations in a context related to political savviness can not possibly hurt to assist in tipping the tide of current political direction - right?  (pun not intended)  It is in fact, a positive way to send out affirming messages to attract a change….or, at its worst, an exercise in futility and a waste of my time putting them together and sourcing the images.  For the purposes of this post - I am going with the positive line. 

Warning - it is a little satirical, a little wishful thinking and a little tongue in cheek - on the bright side, some of the pictures are cute!!

12 Politically Inspired Affirmations 

1. Well, I can try. It can be hard to leave behind resentment when you see all that you have worked for slowly torn apart, privatised and plundered.


2.  Absolutely!!!  Equity equals societal success.  

3. How wonderful would that be…imagine policies that had empathy as a foundation and were based research and proven to be equitable and successful.  

4.  I would expect this to be a given!  It can't be an easy job being a politician, with all that expectation, long hours and public scrutiny all the time.  


5. I try!  It is not always easy when you know the other person is a little misguided, ill-informed or simply saying things to wind you up.  (Nb to self - try a little harder) 

6.  What is there in the world if there is not hope?  


7.  Ditto to number 6.  Alas, current media portrayals make this affirmation a little harder to bring about, however, if enough people open their eyes and see the truth, you just never know.  


8. This would be the ultimate dream come to life for me.  From the bottom of my soul I believe that bipartisan agreement on the important things is what will strengthen the success of a country.  If we had agreement on the important things that underpin key policy areas like Education, then they would be protected from harmful neo liberal policies that tear at the very fabric of equity.  Of all the affirmations, this is for me the most critical.   When/If this comes to pass, than we will know we have become an evolved society where what is best for all is at the heart of policy - not what is best for a populist vote. 


9.  Let the enlightenment begin.  In order to see the truth, one must first open ones mind and see the reality as it is - not as it is painted. 

10.  Imagine a world where people stood apart from the flock of sheep and did a bit more wondering and a bit more individual thinking.  I wonder what our society would look like if more people questioned the status quo.  Not to challenge for challenge sake - but to probe for the truth.  


11.  Such an important affirmation - it seems that today popularity is far more important than what is right and equitable.  Popularity without substance is as much use as the emperors new clothes.  


12.  Finally, an affirmation that is not so much about one side or another but about what is in the best interests of our society.  Whilst my belief structure tends to align better to one particular direction, that does not mean that others do not have things of value to share.  Ultimately I don't mind which way someone thinks, as long as they think and they are aware.  Neither direction gets it right 100% of the time, that is human nature.  


An affirmation a day keeps the negative away!! 

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