Thursday, April 17, 2014

Survive the Easter Crazy

Easter – time of great temptation, where mountains of chocolate deliciousness lurk around every corner, ready to beckon you forward into the dark and alluring world of all that is sugary, sweet and enticing. 

Enough waxing lyrical!  Just thinking of the myriad of chocolate yumminess that surrounds us at Easter is making me salivate. 

Some tips for surviving the Easter sugar onslaught and keeping the waistline manageable, and the pocket less empty.

Tip 1:

Easter Basket

Instead of filling it with only chocolate and sugar treats, add some healthier options like cranberries, fruit and nuts.  You can also add in non-edible treats like books, puzzles and art gear.  If you do add chocolate, try and put in dark chocolate options which are better for you.   When I was a child my favourite item in the annual Easter basket my Nana used to send to us was the little tiny fluffy chicken.  I would spend hours over Easter playing with it. 

Tip 2:

Avoid Off loaders

These are those people who are also trying to avoid overindulging in sugar and try to offload their sugar to you.  Where you can – avoid falling for this sneaky trick.  Have a plan B up your sleeve, like offloading it yourself!

Tip 3:

Try Not to Overspend

Like Christmas, Easter can be a time of over indulgence in not only the sugar stakes but also in the money stakes.  It can be easy to fall for the multitude of Easter sales, and the need to over spend on luxury items like food, alcohol and of course, chocolate.   Then, often because it is a long weekend, people take this time to go away, which can be a very expensive time.   Set yourself a budget that fits into your lifestyle and work to stick to it.  Factor in the additional treats and luxuries that you want to indulge in, then you wont be in for a nasty shock after Easter.  

Tip 4:

Exercise Chocolate Control

By this, I really mean portion control.  It can be too easy to be sucked into buying big and extravagant Easter treats – try buying smaller sizes and not the large ones!   If all else fails, hide some of it away so you are not tempted to keep grazing on the chocolate.

Tip 5:

Watch the Hidden Calories

If over indulgence is something you know you could easily be sucked into, then keep a track of what you eat in either an old fashioned diary or with any number of online Apps that help you track your food and drink (SparkPeople is a great online place to start and is a free sign up).    Watch for the hidden calories in what you drink.  Oftentimes, what we drink has many hidden calories and Easter is one of those times of the year where we may be tempted to over indulge – especially with alcohol.   If you are going out to dinner or to a party, eat something healthy before you go.  That you way you wont be tempted to overindulge. 

Tip 6:

Drink Water

Drink plenty of water – not only is it good for you, but it will help stave off the cravings for sugar and it will keep you hydrated. 

Finally, Easter is a time of celebration, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you happen to go a little overboard.  Most important of all – enjoy your time with family and have fun!!

Must dash - there is a Cadbury Creme egg with my name on it...

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