Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Air New Zealand – Clever Buggers

Air New Zealand are clever buggers really.

I have just finished watching their latest air safety video, featuring Bear Grylls.  It’s captivating, amusing and most importantly, it caught my attention and I felt compelled to watch. 

Prior to it starting, the hostess (do we call them that anymore – I suspect they may have a more modern, less ‘1950’s housewife in an apron’ term for the staff these days) advised that passengers, even those who fly often, should watch.  At the time, my first reaction was ‘bleh, not another boring inflight safety message’.  

I should know better.  Air New Zealand is renowned for its entertaining and celebrity laden safety messages.  Previous safety messages have featured Richard Simmons all decked out in his fitness gear, complete with enthusiastic jumping jacks, the All Black rugby super stars, Betty White from an 'old school' perspective,  the Sport Illustrated girls (lets not dwell on that controversial decision hmmm Air NZ!) and my favourites, the Hobbit and Lord of Rings mystical magic series.  To think I had forgotten that the inflight safety message is actually a highlight of the journey is almost ‘un kiwi’ of me. 

The moment I heard Bears rugged tones, my eyes lifted to the screen and my attention was captured. 

It’s clever. 

Everyone who flies knows that the obligatory safety message is at best, as boring and monotonous as counting sand.  Despite this, the message must be told, and you never do know when you might need it. 

I suspect, however, that should the worse case scenario come about, the last thing on my mind is where the life jacket lives or how to place my feet for best ‘bracing’.  Instead, I am more likely to be saying inappropriate words out loud, scrambling for a way to leave a message for those that I love, and crossing my fingers I have left a more helpful, rather than harmful, impact on the world.   I can imagine that when faced with ones possible demise, it is irrelevant what you believe to be spiritually correct – the thought of an eternal afterlife that is not spent roasting in flames is likely to cross ones mind. 

So I watched. 

I even found myself emitting a few giggles here and there!  It’s the clever little touches, like the fish and the glowworms, and of course, the odd well known kiwi face that pop in, like our very own bug man. 

As I type, we are flying over the Southern Alps, and my attention has been captured by the beauty that is NZ.  If you were to grill me (pun unintentionally intended) about what to do in the event of a worst case scenario, I can really only tell you not to eat glow worms and there was something about  putting your own mask on first before assisting a child (obviously the makers of these safety rules have overlooked the powerful and ferocious urge that Mums and Dads have to protect their little bear cubs – unless they have been a pain but that’s a different post). 

Thanks for the great flight and thanks for the entertainment via Bear – I cant wait to see Squirts face when she watches her hero next week!   I bet you she listens, takes note and raves about it afterward!

Air New Zealand – you are clever buggers!

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  1. hahaha I love flying on air NZ for this reason. About ten years ago the demonstration was boring but mum and dad told us to watch it, as it was our first time flying. Now though, their videos sure are captivating and definitely get our attention! But the hobbit ones sure were my favourite last year, I saw it about five times in a week but it sure never got boring :) Enjoy your flight!