Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Relationships, Love and Memories

A friend shared this Meme on Facebook, and it struck a chord.  Initially I was a little tongue in cheek and my first smart mouth reaction was "what if they came to the car with me...", but all jokes aside, it left me thinking.

I imagine its your loved ones and your memories that you will cherish the most.

I try to remind myself this when I'm over invested with what I'm doing (especially in terms of the time and angst I expend) for work.

At the end of the day, it is not those people who will care - they will move on and you will be replaced in an instant.  Life will go on for them and when you go, time will erase your imprint faster than you can blink.  For them, they are not as invested as family and close friends.  Others will fill your shoes and that is the way of our world.

Life is short.

There is no guarantee that any of us will wake up in the morning. There is no guarantee that our twilight years will come, or that we will spend it with the person we love.  Either of us could be gone in an instant.

I know I am useless at living in the moment despite my fancy words, but I do reflect on it often.  Not to be maudlin but to remind myself.

Nurture your close relationships.   Make memories.  These are the things that shape us.

Finally, love who you are with, love what you do, and make love whenever you can - because love as a living being is fleeting, unknown and not something we can put a time frame around.

Make it your non negotiable!

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