Monday, January 12, 2015

Life is Short - Don't Buy a Nana Car

I have been busy.

I know, I know, that sounds like something I always say, but this time, its not 'work' busy, but 'personally' busy.   I have had to replace my car.  I have been putting off replacing my car for quite some time.

Some people say buying a new car (and let me clarify that by new, I mean new to you) is fun.


I don't think its fun.  I think it is stressful and fraught with issues.  Furthermore, it is time-consuming, expensive and despite the fact it is the the twenty-first century, there seems to still be an awful lot of misogynists floating around car yards.  (Ok, misogynist might be a bit harsh, but my most recent experiences have not left me feeling like things have changed much since men started selling cars back in the 'olden days,' as they still assume it is my other half that is buying, not me)

I didn't want to replace my Subaru, although I was toying with the eventuality because as much as I loved her, she wasn't getting any younger, and in recent years, we have had the odd 'love hate' moment.

Then she died.

Granted, it was a battery issue, but it wasn't the first time, and it cemented my decision that, finally, after a decade of being together, it was time to part ways.  A decade is a long time in a relationship.  I know people whose marriages have lasted less than that.

So, I started looking, thinking and 'wondering'.  Initially, I felt bad, like I was having an affair and being unfaithful to my car.  In hindsight, I realise that is a little bit ridiculous, but I reiterate, ten years is a long time.

Researching cars is a also a bit of a drag.  Initially, it is interesting and full of possibilities.  Then it becomes tedious and time consuming.   Tedious for me, because essentially, I have champagne tastes on a boutique beer budget.  All the 'flash as' cars and SUVs with low milage that are also newish or  late model, and that had the power I wanted, seemed a million miles away from what I wanted to spend.

I was also facing a bit of a quandary.  Like the Subaru, I am not getting any younger either.  I wrestled with the notion of practical versus impractical.  Should I be grown up, sensible, and buy safe, sedate and BORING, or, buy what gives me joy?

The first car I drove was a disappointment.   Another Subaru, late model, and a bit pricey.  I expected it to really 'snot' (go fast and go fast with power), and it was just 'ok'.  When I got back into my Subaru, despite the fact she was at least ten years older, she was far more responsive and just seemed to fit me like a well worn pair of favourite high heels.  The other car, well, she was just 'ok'.  It felt like a compromise.  I nearly gave up at this point.  Then it was Christmas and I didn't need to worry about it anymore.  Problem solved, for the time being.

Long story shorter, we found the replacement (I think I shall call her Nissy, short for Nismo, which is a Nissan thing, if you know your cars) the old fashioned way and quite by accident.  Friends had Squirt with them, which freed us up to go look around at car yards.  On a whim, we decided to drive up a road we didn't know well, or realise was a car sales mecca.

Techno Man found Nissy first.  I thought she was going to be well outside my sphere of spending power, but figured, no reason we can't go over to the yard and see what else they might have.  Then we noticed someone else was driving out the gate in her, and assumed that was it.  Over before it began.  Here is where the salesman came into play.  He had noticed that I had noticed Nissy, and before we could blink we were following him down the road to the other car yard, where Nissy was directed to meet us.

The moment I took her for that first test drive, I knew she was the one.  Superb handling, responsive, powerful and something quite special.  It wasn't just 'ok', it was outstanding!   I did however, play my cards close to my chest, and pretended that it was just 'ok'.  No point letting the salesman see how smitten I was.  I made sure Techno Man had a quick test drive as well - being able to compare notes is critical when you find 'the one'.

Later, over coffee, we planned where to next.  Bringing Nissy home wasn't as simple as just going back to the sales yard.  We needed to research the model, find out a bit more and we needed to get through New Years.  The bonus was the yard was closed for New Years, so we had time to do some research and to think about it a bit more.  Impulse buying a car is never a smart idea - no matter how much you might like it.  Always do your research.  The New Years break meant I had time to imagine myself being the new owner, and picture her being my new car 'relationship', and to break it off with the Subaru.

There is a lesson here, if you are open to it.  I could have gone the sensible car way.   I could have bought mundane, everyday, small car, big city practical.  But I would not have been happy.

Buying a car is a big purchase.  It is important to do your research and cover your bases.  I do not endorse not looking at all the pros and cons, especially things like insurance, repairs, and running costs.  But if you have done this, as I had, and you have factored in the additional costs of sensible vs not so practical, and your soul is the kind of soul that sings best when it has a bit of power, then go for it.   I am a woman who loves the V8 Supercars (think Nascar and Daytona).  The sound of a big powerful motor, and the feel of a responsive car is one of those things in life that brings me pleasure.  I don't need to drive fast everywhere I go - in fact - I don't.  But I love having the power at my disposal.

The lesson is we live once.  If you can, let your soul sing.  When you are faced with practical vs fun, have done the research and its within your means to do so, do it.  If you are unsure, ask yourself, will this be the car that got away?  Will you regret not buying it when you are 89?  If so, buy it.

So, as you can see, I have been busy.


  1. Our sentimental connections with our cars could really get in the way of letting go, not to mention replacing them with new ones. But it’s nice to know that you found a replacement for it, and that you’re quite happy with your new car. Thanks for sharing!

    Damon Sherman @ Butler Hyundai

  2. It's true that buying a car is indeed a great decision, and you have to think about what you really wanted before spending money for it. I'm glad that you found a good car to replace your old one, and I hope that there isn't any problem with it. Drive safely! :)

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru

  3. I am a grandpa and I am the exact same way. Why would I want to revel in my old age, instead I would prefer to have something that says I am the cool grandpa. You know what the grand kids love it much better to because I am a fun grandpa instead of someone who is afraid of adventure.

    Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia Fishers

    1. I love your thinking! It is so important we find FUN in the world we live in - and adventure - even if that adventure is from the car we drive. You go and be the fun grandpa because you are making priceless memories for your grandkids!!