Saturday, October 17, 2015

Educational Coaching 101- a Vlog Challenge #EdblogNZ

If you are a regular reader then you will know that I have been participating in the #EdBlogNZ blogging challenges.  Some have been interesting, some have been problematic and this particular challenge - down right petrifying! 

The challenge:

"Create a 1-2 minute video of an educational topic you are passionate about and post it on your blog (vlog)."

When I read the challenge the first time I nearly had heart failure.  In my head, I was saying that if I wanted to 'Vlog' I would have been 'Vlogging' since the beginning.  You see, there is a certain anonymity that comes with a written blog.  I can comfortably sit behind the words I write.  A Vlog is more confronting.  Sure, I could create a video that is merely a voice over, but that seems to defeat the purpose.  

I have learnt through doing this challenge.  

  • I have learnt that I still do not like seeing myself on video, and whilst I can reconcile the voice I hear with the one that comes out of my mouth, seeing myself is a little confronting to the self esteem.  
  • I have learnt that my iMovie and Google account are not friends, but like everything, there is always a techie way around a problem - and I didn't even have to ask Technoman for help! 
  • I have learnt that there are many many ways to create Vlog content - and now that the gate is open, I suspect I might be having quite the play!  Watch this space because this could be fun.   (All I need to do is create a way to manipulate time and it is all go!) 
  • I have learnt that iMovie has many different filters to play with - today I just used Film Noir (for fun) but I like the different crazy ones, so I will have to find an excuse to make a Vlog using them - just for fun!  I also found an awesome iPhone/pad app - I will share that soon (promise). 
  • I have learnt that iMovie is time-consuming, and after cutting, fiddling around and trying to be a smart Alec I scrapped the mucking around, re filmed and left the little voice mistakes in.  Oh well - it is what it is.  
  • I have learnt to face my fears, to get over myself and to 'just do it'.  The real learning here is that we ask students to do things outside their comfort zone every day, but when confronted with this ourselves, we are not always as embracing.  

Enough hiding behind the keyboard - here is my first ever Vlog featuring me.  The topic is Educational Coaching 101. 


  1. Awesome work on your first vlog! It is challenging to get that first one out (I did my first for this challenge too), but for me it was worthwhile. I also decided to leave in the little voice problems etc and just post it! Loved the video content too! thanks for sharing it :-)

  2. Thank you for your encouragement - it really is a matter of just doing it, quite a learning curve! I think I'll challenge myself with a screencast next!