Thursday, March 3, 2016

What is in a Passion? #EdblogNZ

This is the EXTRA leap year challenge - to create a audio or video (I did both - sort of) post on something you are passionate about and add the transcript.  Enjoy. 


Kia ora

The challenge was to talk about what I am passionate about.   Quite the challenge, because it is like asking the question, how deep is the ocean?   However, in the efforts to combine this challenge with one of my passions (exploring new technology and programmes) I am going to use Voki and limit myself to under two minutes, and focus on some professional highlights. 

In some respects, imagine it as a form of speed dating!

Educational Coaching – it is effective, transformational and an opportunity for people to grow!

All things techie – I love playing with new programmes, making my own info graphics and trying out new things like this format.  The only limitation is time.  A big shout out to Mindlab for providing me with more mind food than I can digest! (if you have the opportunity to participate in this professional development then do it – you wont be disappointed!).

Unlocking potential – it has to be the coolest part of being an educator and a leader.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone you work with reach the giddy heights of being the amazing teacher you knew they could be, or a student that society would rather write off, thrive.  It is such a privilege to be in this job and when the days are tough, I remind myself of why I am here.  It is about making a difference. 

I have run out of time – there are so many things I am passionate about that I encourage you to explore this blog (one of my other passions) because within its digital pages you will find the things that make my wheels spin.  There is nothing so powerful as being driven by your passions.  May your passions light the fire within!

PS  Confession time – I have had a bit of a techie issue with Voki – it is not allowing my Mac to access the microphone, so I have completed a bit of a work around!  I have screenshot a Voki, then dropped that into iMovie and added the voice.  As they say, there is always more than one way to meet an objective!

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